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A poisons guide

Concerned your pet has eaten something it shouldn’t? Please use our poison guide below to find out.

A symptom checker

Concerned about your pet? Does your pet need to see us and how urgent is it? Please use our symptom checker to find out. 

Veterinary factsheets

When a pet is diagnosed with a condition there can be a lot of information to take in. For people who want to know more about a disease or an illness or for those that want to just learn about pet health in general, we have provided some vet-written factsheets.


Payment: Fees incurred during consultations or inpatient stays are due on completion of the visit.

Insurance: Wolfe Vets are happy to complete insurance forms to help pet owners recoup the cost of treatment from their insurers. Payment can be accepted direct from an insurer only when the insurer gives the necessary written pre-approval for a specific set of tests or treatment, this can process can take an insurer up to 7-14 days.

Prescriptions: Wolfe Vets maintains an extensive pharmacy for our patients. Written prescriptions for dispensing at alternate pharmacies are available on request, a fee is due for the service.

Customer feedback: As an independent practice, clients of Wolfe Vets have direct access to our owner. If you would like to give positive or negative feedback regarding the service that you and your pet receive, please call the clinic and ask to speak to James Bennett or email for his attention.