Dr. James Bennett – Owner and Lead Surgeon

Dr. James Bennett, RCVS Recognised Advanced Practitioner and Certificate Holder in both Small Animal Surgery and Feline Practice, MRCVS.
James founded Wolfe Vets and has led it to become one of only a few centres in Greater London equipped to offer advanced diagnostics and treatment, including cancer, soft tissue, spinal and orthopaedic surgery, to our patients. He was accepted onto the register of Advanced Practitioners in 2016 and he has been sent patients as second opinion and referral cases since 2013. James has made it his professional mission to ensure that clients feel that their worries and love for their pets is at the centre of his patients’ care plans. Taking the time to discuss people’s concerns for their pet and make a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment schedule is the focus of every consultation with James, he leaves no avenue unexplored and will always strive to get his patients back to living their life to the fullest.

Dr. James Bennett

Owner and Lead Surgeon
Dr. Alonso Dupuy – Vet Surgeon

Dr. Alonso Dupuy, PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology, Certificate Holder in Feline Practice, MRCVS. Alonso has been a practicing veterinary surgeon for over 20 years, having graduated as a vet in Spain in 1998. There are few vets in London with his breadth of experience. Alonso was awarded a PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology, with honours, in 2016 and has published widely in the scientific literature. He also achieved a UK and European certificate in Feline Practice in 2013. Alonso makes full use of these advanced qualifications and the depth of his knowledge, he is delighted to help people get the best from modern medical care. He leads our Feline Practice and is a guardian of our International Cat Care Gold Standard award. Alonso has managed one of the busiest emergency clinics in the UK, taken diagnostic imaging second opinions and referrals from professional colleagues for several years and is a highly experienced surgeon and diagnostic medic. We are delighted that Alonso has joined the Wolfe Vets team and look forward to his taking on a senior role. Pets are in safe hands under his care.

Dr. Alonso Dupuy

Lead Veterinary Surgeon
Dr. Fei Lo – Vet Surgeon

Dr. Fei Lo, MRCVS.
Fei has worked at busy veterinary hospitals both outside and inside of London since graduating in 2018. She was a veterinary surgeon at the teaching hospital for the Royal Veterinary College, training students to make pets better, before joining our team of clinicians. Fei has a special interest in cat & dog dentistry while also being one of a handful of vets in London that sees exotic pets, providing an exceptional level of care to small furry pets, reptiles and birds. She is dedicated to the health of all animals and will work hard night and day to get her patients back on their feet again.

Dr. Fei Lo

Veterinary Surgeon
Aminta- Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Aminta

Veterinary Surgeon
Karl- Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Karl

Veterinary Surgeon
Kathryn – Hospital Lead


Nursing Operations Manager
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Chiswick Head Nurse
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