The Wolfe Foundation

Animals need human help to avoid some terrible fates. Some problems are down to us, others occur naturally but we humans hold the key to their resolution.

Pets in the UK are lucky, we love them, we have expanded our sphere of compassion further than mankind alone, we care about pets, wildlife, the whole ecosystem. We share that feeling.

We want to help more animals than just the pets that we treat.


Wolfe Vets has made a commitment to help three causes:


  • Rabies is an appalling disease: it is painful and terrifying for animal and human alike. Vaccination is the key to its eradication. For every animal that we protect against rabies in our clinic, we will also protect an animal in a country where the disease is prevalent.


  • I want to help farm animals in the developing world receive more veterinary care. Humans have used production animals for millennia. The domestication of farm animals, plant and animal agriculture has permitted humanity to flourish and improved our standard of living sequentially through time. The world is a safer, kinder, more nourished place now than at any time in history of mankind. However, even today, farmers often do not have access to veterinary assistance, this affects the welfare of their herds and flocks and reduces their productivity so that the farmers themselves suffer too. By funding basic para-veterinary skills education we can improve the lot of both farmer and farm animals alike. If it has previously been absent, basic medical care can achieve great things.


  • The African Wild Dog is a pack animal, a canine that has an emotional hinterland like our own pet dogs. They have been pushed to the brink of extinction. We will support schemes to stop this.


This is our charity and these are our donations. We have not increased our fees to cover the cost of these donations. We genuinely want to help as many animals as we can.